News or Blog

You can add one or many news- or blog-sections to your website. Simply create a new folder and change the content of the folder from "pages" to "posts" in the meta-tab. You can also transform a folder with pages into a folder with posts and vice versa. The only difference between posts and pages is the sorting: Pages are sorted alphabetically, while posts are sorted by the publish date. Posts are visible as a list. They are not included in the navigation on the left side.

  • Documentations and Manuals

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Small companies often need to create comprehensive documentation and manuals for both digital and physical products. Typemill offers an ideal solution,

  • Reports and Handbooks

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Small organizations often face the challenge of producing and publishing annual reports, impact reports, and other essential documents efficiently. Typemill

  • Fast Websites

    | Sebastian Schürmanns

    Typemill is a lightweight, flat-file CMS specifically designed for efficient web publishing. It excels in creating documentation, manuals, knowledge bases,